The 6 Most Common Problems Found by Fire Inspectors

Your business should be inspected annually for fire safety and fire code compliance. Inspectors go through office spaces, stairways, common areas like breakrooms, and utility and storage closets to make sure that nothing threatens the integrity of the building or the safety of the occupants. If you want to make sure that you’re going to pass an upcoming inspection, walk through your building to check that you don’t have one of these six problems:

  • Poor storage habits—especially in electrical and sprinkler rooms. You can’t leave combustible materials where they are at risk of catching fire or obstructing access to the sprinkler system.
  • Obstructed corridors and hallways—desks, chairs, filing cabinets, or trash need to be out of the hallways. In case of a fire, you need to make sure that those pathways are clear so that the building can be evacuated quickly and efficiently.
  • Anything too close to the sprinklers—blocking the path of the water discharged from the sprinkler heads means that any fires that break out will not be properly controlled. Modern sprinkler systems are designed so that only the sprinklers needed to contain the fire will go off. If the water from the closest sprinklers don’t douse the fire quickly, it will spread, causing more fire and water damage in the long run.
  • Open fire doors—these doors are constructed to be barriers against fire, smoke, heat, and other toxic gasses. If you prop or wedge them open permanently, they are rendered completely ineffective.
  • Improper fuel and flammable liquid storage—flame resistant metal cabinets must be used to safely store all flammables. Make sure that the type and amount of flammable liquids you are storing are within the bounds of the fire code.
  • Hazardous use of extension cords—electrical extension cords should be used on an as-needed basis, not as permanent wiring. Cords should not be hidden under rugs. Take care with multiple-outlet extension cords not to overload the electrical wall receptacle.

When you want to ensure that everything in your building is safe in case of fire, contact Mike Green Fire Equipment.