Reducing Fire Risks In Your Apartment

Congrats on landing your apartment! You’re no doubt excited to move in, but there are a few considerations you should have in mind before beginning your decorating. Your friends at Mike Green Fire Equipment want you to be comfortable and safe in your home, so we’ve put together his list of tips for reducing the risk of fire in your apartment.

Be Aware Of Combustibles

Combustibles are mostly the obvious things: cloth and paper, things that catch fire and burn easily. Naturally, most homes are have decorations like these, and there’s nothing wrong with them. Just be aware of where they are (avoid putting them near exposed lightbulbs or heating elements) and how concentrated they are.

Don’t Overload Plugs

Besides the normal things you’ll have plugged in, some decorations have to be plugged in as well. Be careful not to overload outlets by having too much plugged in at once, or in one area. Surge-protecting power strips can reduce the risk, but they too can be overcrowded. Never plug one power strip into another, and only use one per outlet.


Because apartments tend to be smaller places, candles are bigger risk. Don’t leave candles unattended, and keep them a safe distance from other decorations. Ideally they should be in a well ventilated area. An alternative would be to purchase LED candles. While they won’t necessarily add a scent to the room, they’ll add the same soft atmospheric light, and an air freshener can compensate for the lack of scent.

If your apartment needs better fire protection, whether that means alarms, fire extinguishers, or sprinklers, we can help you make your apartment safer!