Fire Sprinklers

A properly maintained fire sprinkler system can significantly reduce property damage and protect lives. At Mike Green Fire, we inspect, repair, expand, and modify existing fire sprinkler systems in both residential and commercial settings.

Our thorough maintenance and inspection will leave you with the peace of mind that if a disaster should strike, your system will be ready to safeguard your property.


Advantages of Fire Sprinklers

  • Fire sprinkler systems are required in all commercial buildings, all multi-unit residential buildings, and new 1 and 2-family homes
  • Fire sprinklers can stop a fire in less than 1 ½ minutes
  • An uncontrolled home fire can turn deadly in less than 3 minutes
  • Fire damage in a room with a sprinkler is minimal and can prevent a larger fire.
  • Water damage is drastically reduced when a fire sprinkler extinguishes a fire compared to a fire hose

Fire Sprinkler Services Provided

  • Testing, repair, and installation
  • Reg 4 certified testing
  • Backflush testing

When to Call for Fire Sprinkler Repair

Not only can damaged sprinkler heads malfunction when needed, they can even misfire at inappropriate times, which could lead to unnecessary water damage.
Common signs of damage:

  • Dripping or leaking sprinkler heads or pipe
  • Wet spots in ceiling
  • Corrosion or rust around sprinkler heads
  • Painted sprinkler heads

Minor deficiencies on the sprinkler heads could indicate a bigger problem within the pipes. Don’t wait for a pipe to burst to create a catastrophe. Call today.

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