Fire Protection for Your Set or Production

Movies captivate our attention and tell us all kinds of stories from retellings of actual events to the wildest fiction we could only dream of. What we don’t always see, though, is the amount of time and the extreme detail that goes into making the movie as perfect as possible.

Did you know that the clothing in the movie Coraline was handknitted? Were you aware that extreme detail went into the quidditch stadium in the Harry Potter film to the point that “guests” had guides with advertisements? What about the chainmail in Lord of the Rings? Did you know that it was handcrafted?

The details aren’t always so extreme. There are a lot of other details that are incorporated into the movies and shows we all love to watch that generally go unnoticed. Even details as minor as safety equipment like fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are incorporated into popular films. Those details aren’t all serious though! Sometimes they can be incorporated for fun, like the fire extinguisher chair race in season one, episode nine of Brooklyn 99.

Safety details aren’t just important to making the movie more realistic or fun, though. A lot of preparation and safety monitoring goes on behind the scenes and off-set. Once while filming a Pepsi commercial with his siblings, Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire when a faulty pyrotechnic went off. On another occasion, Sienna Miller’s suit caught fire after an explosion effect misfired during the filming of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Preventing tragedies, injuries, and accidents like these is an extremely important job.

Whether you need fire protection for the set, protection advice, or props for films, we can provide you with what you’re looking for, in-studio and on location. We have a wide selection of gear and props to simulate nearly every fire protection need including equipment that is modern and vintage.

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