We are proud of the long-term relationships we share with a large number of property management companies. Here’s why:

One of the most critical roles of a property manager is to ensure the safety of the building they manage. Fire protection systems are mandated for all buildings in order to safeguard the lives of the occupants and protect the owner of the building and its contents from loss during a fire.


Fire protection systems are not “set it and forget it” types of equipment. Mike Green Fire provides the regular inspections and maintenance services that are required to ensure that these systems are in good, working order.

We do ALL of the record keeping. We take the hassle out of worrying about when and what inspections are due. Bottom line – it’s our job to keep managed properties compliant.

We Make It Our Business to Protect Your Business…

From commercial office buildings to apartments and condos, we ensure your fire protection systems are well maintained to protect your property and your tenants. We understand that tenants are your number one priority and we specialize in working with building owners and property management companies so that their buildings are in compliance with all codes and requirements.

We keep detailed records of service and repairs and notify management when inspections are due.  We are happy to attend HOA meetings to answer questions that may arise and to explain service and repair needs.

Our account reps work with multiple-site clients to customize plans to fit each property’s needs, managing site contacts, billing specifics and service reminders.  One call does it all!

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