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What is Mike Green Fire Equipment?

Hello! On behalf of all of us at Mike Green Fire Equipment, we would like to welcome you to our blog page. We will be utilizing this space to keep our clients informed about the latest happenings about our company and providing you with useful tips to achieve fire safety.

Before we jump into that, we would like to tell you a little more about our company and our services and products. At Mike Green Fire Protection we offer a full range of fire protection equipment and services to ensure your building is protected.

Mike Green Fire Equipment Products

Our company provides clients with fixed and portable extinguishing equipment. Our fixed systems include fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems. The portable line includes fire extinguishers.

Mike Green Fire Equipment Systems

Installing and maintaining your fire system is vital for a safe environment but it is not something many individuals can do themselves. That is where we come in. Our professionals are trained to not only install your system but also survey your building to find where your fire security is lacking. For example, an outdated system may be in need of repair or sprinkler system does not provide proper coverage to extend to an addition on your building.

Once your new system has been installed, regular maintenance is required to ensure functionality. Sprinkler systems in particular work best when properly maintained. Property damage is significantly decreased and more lives are saved from a fire with sprinkler system.

Do I Need a Fire System?

Many think that they only need a fire system when they own a commercial building but that is not true. Residential buildings can also possess fire protection systems.

If you have never experienced a fire in your home then you are one of the fortunate few. Those who have can attest to how much they have lost in their fires. Not only have they suffered from fire damage and loss of precious possessions, but some have experienced the loss of a loved one. 85% of all fire-related deaths that occur in the United States stem from fires in the home. Home fire sprinklers will reduce the chance of death as it reduces flames, smoke, and heat in a fire. A sprinkler system, or any fire protection system, is an investment to your home.

Commercial building owners have standards that they must adhere by when it comes to the safety of those who enter the building. Fire safety has its set of criteria that must be followed. The basics included the installation of smoke detectors and labeled fire exits in all commercial buildings. Not to mention up-to-date fire extinguishers must be made available. Buildings that are higher than 55 feet must have automatic sprinklers installed.  We encourage all commercial building owners to check with OSHA guidelines to find if they are in violations of these standards.

Another aspect that we provide is the filing of documentation that falls under the City of Los Angeles, which includes Chief regulation 4 Testing . Our staff is trained to process all the forms that come with every test, ensuring your compliance.

California Fire Protection System

We provide our services and products to the greater Los Angeles area. If you are a resident or building owner in the area who is in need of fire protection then we encourage you to contact us today. Fire protection is too important to put off any longer.

Please check back with our page to learn more about fire protection.

Contact Information

Office Telephone: 818.989.3322 or 800.969.3473

Fax Number: 818.947.0365

Email: info@mgfire.com

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