Modern building on fire
23May, 2017

Top Residential Fire Risks

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If you’re a residential property manager, keeping your tenants and properties safe from fires is a top concern. This would be especially true if you manage multi-family buildings, where a fire in just one unit could spread and endanger a whole building and its residents. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently released their 2017 Fact Sheet on home structure fires, which compiles and analyzes data from 2,605 fire departments from around the United States. Using this information, property managers, HOAs, and residents can work together to reduce the risk […]

5Sep, 2016

Using a Fire Extinguisher for Self-Defense

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Fire extinguishers serve as your first line of defense in fire protection. Whether you’re in a school, hotel, or a laboratory, these red tubes can determine whether your building in San Fernando, CA burns down. But what if you are faced with a different kind of danger? If an armed person were to make his way in with malicious intentions, what can you do if you are unarmed? This is where a fire extinguisher can come into play. Why is it effective? The average fire extinguisher weighs five pounds and […]

Mike Green Fire Protection
6Jul, 2016

Mike Green Fire Protection Services

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Who we are: Mike Green Fire Protection is in the business of creating a safer environment for our customers. Our goal is to service, sale, test, install, and maintain state-of-the-art protection and life-saving technology. Mike Green Fire Protection is fully committed to provide fire safety for our customers in: • Commercial Businesses • Retail Businesses • Industrial Businesses • Their homes Our founder, Mike Green, had a passion for fire prevention. He got into the business by recharging old or used up fire extinguishers from his very own garage. Mike […]